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Profile of Autonomous

The autonomous professional fostered by the department is a “trustworthy professional and industrial practitioner to compete in local, national and international levels.

A “trustworthy professional” can find, understand, explain, and formulate the way to solve various problems and situations faced in the work environment of chemical engineering; face challenge to modern engineering in design and process engineering;  and  have  the  basiograduatcompetencfollowinglobalization need to continue graduate education in Chemical Engineering. Trustworthy professionals will apply the engineering of basic sciences in the design, analysis, and control of chemical, physical and/or biological processes, as well as product design and development. Besides, they will apply research-based knowledge and research method to identify, formulate, and solve enginering problems.

An industrial practitionercan carry out basic concepts of Chemical Engineering, to design process equipment in wider scale and to do chemical industrial-plant design. Industrial practitioners will apply the aspects of economics and the dangers associated with processes and such products. They have adequate knowledge, skills,  and  attitudes  in the  design,  analysis,  procescontrol,  product design and development.